Permaroof Need Your Help with New EPDM Roll Sizes

2nd June 2014

Our recent relocation and expansion has given us the opportunity to expand our stocks of the best-selling Firestone EPDM RubberCover membranes. We know you will be as excited about this news as we are, and would like to ask for your help as we make our final decisions about the new roll sizes.

We already plan to add the following rolls to our range of standard sizes by popular demand:

    - 2.5m wide

   - 3.96m wide  

   - 3.65m wide  

Firestone EPDM RubberCover is one of our most popular products and we are the UK’s largest importer and stockist. We believe that EPDM holds the future of flat roofing, with incredible weathering capabilities and an expected lifespan of more than 50 years, it is consistently outperforming felt.

With the entire industry looking for a more sustainable flat roofing material, EPDM is growing increasingly popular amongst roofing contractors and its simple, fast installation is attracting interest from DIY enthusiasts all over the country.

Our new premises have given us the capacity for five new roll sizes and we would love your input for the final two remaining options. We always think of our customers first and we look forward to hearing your suggestions!


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