What’s on Special Offer this Month?

27th January 2014

January Special Offers

At the Permaroof, there are always some great bargains to be found. A permanent fixture of the site is a ‘Special Offers’ section, where end-of-line, discontinued or reduced items are alongside our special offers. The flat roofing discounted products are often reduced by more than 40% and give a great opportunity to save some money!

This month in our special offers section, we have;

    • Flat roof trims, designed for practicality and aesthetic value
    • Permaroof closed cell foam tape - for an effective seal on uneven surfaces
    • Permaroof adhesives
    • EPDM flat roofing membrane

If you are a first-time buyer of Permaroof products online, you can also make an extra 5% saving at the checkout, simply by signing up today and taking advantage of the introductory offer. Make great savings with Permaroof flat roofing products special offers.



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