Heads Up Roofers - HSE Initiative for September

15th August 2015

The HSE has announced that it will be launching its refurbishment initiative this September, which will mean unannounced site visits to check up on contractor sites across the UK.

Inspectors will attend sites between 14th September and 9th October 2015 where refurbishment projects are being carried out.

They will be looking at how procedures are working for high risk activities including:

Work at Height
Hazardous substance handling
Dust management
Exposure to noise and vibration handling
Site organisation
And more...

Last year the HSE carried out the same initiative and 35% of the enforcement notices they served concerned health issues. This has prompted similar action this year.

Breaches of HSE regs could be costly, with an estimated 'material breach' costing around £124 per hour, including associated administration. If serious breaches are found, costs could rise significantly if prosecution follows.

The HSE aim to increase compliance across the construction industry and will perform follow-up visits to those found in breach of health and safety directives.

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