Gutter Brush Does Well in Water Harvesting

10th October 2015

Gutter brush satisfying customers! 

One of our satisfied customers in Plymouth recently sent us some great feedback on our simple, yet revolutionary Gutter Brush, affectionately known as the 'Hedgehog'.

Our customer bought Gutter Brushes to help avoid clogging in a water harvesting project.

"Thanks! Great service as we are using your product to keep leaves out of gutter in a water harvesting project yours David"

What is a Gutter Brush?

Our Gutter Brush is manufactured using a simple, yet incredibly effective method, taking a stainless steel wire spine, with spun polypropylene brush filaments to give the effect of an old-fashioned chimney sweep brush.

The entire length of brush is virtually indestructible and comes complete with a 10-year guarantee.

How does it work?

The Gutter Brush sits comfortably in most gutters, garden or pathway drains, and allows water to pass through. Debris, such as leaves, twigs or mud, cannot pass through the filaments and are blown away from the gutter or sit on the top of the brush, leaving gutters clear.

Using the Gutter Brush in a harvesting project keeps the water clear, and eliminates the problem of blocked or cluttered waterways, which are always tricky to keep clear manually.

Our Gutter Brushes have been used for keeping gutters clear for years, and now, as we look for ways to sustain a more environmentally-friendly way of life, the Gutter Brush is finding new purpose. Try yours today.

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