Simple Gutter Clearing for Autumn

6th October 2016

Autumn gutter clearing

Gutter clearing can be one of those jobs that is put off until it really has to be done. No one enjoys climbing the ladder and scooping the debris that autumn inevitably deposits in the gutters - there is no escape!

Until now.

Imagine never having to worry about gutter clearing. Imagine that your gutters are being kept clear all year round by a simple device, designed to fit snugly inside them. Imagine no longer.

The Permaroof 'Hedgehog' gutter brush is an amazingly simple product manufactured from hard-wearing polypropylene filaments that are spun around a stainless steel core. Virtually indestructible, the Gutter Brush also comes with a 10-year guarantee and is super-easy to install.

How the gutter brush works

There are immediate benefits to installing the gutter brush, and once it is fitted, the ways it works will become clear. The unique design of one of our best-selling innovations means that debris simply cannot even enter the gutters, as the brush itself fills the gutter profile, allowing only liquid to pass through the filaments. Hard debris, such as leaves, twigs and moss just cannot get in, and are blown away, or remain trapped in the filaments. Smaller debris will be broken down within the biological decomposition process, which rainwater will flush away, creating a micro, self-cleaning action.

Installation is easy, as the gutter brush lengths measure 4m. Joining them is easy too, as the wires at each end of each length can be easily bent around to join with its neighbour. Cable ties can also be utilised for additional security if the brush is sitting in a non-standard sized gutter.

Once the gutter brush lengths are installed correctly, then you can completely forget about clearing your gutters for years to come! With a 10-year product guarantee, the affectionately-known 'Hedgehog' gutter brush is going to be your new best winter friend for the next decade at least.

Head on over to our online product description to find out more about the Permaroof gutter brush. At the moment we have a special offer for a bulk-buy of 10 lengths. Cover 40m of gutters around your house and other garden buildings for just £65.00 plus VAT - well worth a decade off gutter clearing!

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