Green Deal Scheme Demand Exceeds Expectations

21st July 2014

Green Deal exceeds expectations!

The latest news for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) has been positive with more than £43million in vouchers already issued in the first six weeks. The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) said that 12,200 applications have been received and almost 8,000 household have received their vouchers. The first £50million milestone of the £120million fund total is expected to be reached within days.

Once reached, the milestone will launch a review into the incentives offered by the scheme, as the government want as many householders as possible to benefit. It is thought that the maximum claim for certain energy efficiency improvements will be lowered, as the DECC have made no mention of a fund increase.

It has already been said that the payments for installation of solid wall insulation will decrease from £6,000 to £4,000, which should extend the scheme for a period of approximately four to six weeks. Once the fund is depleted, the scheme will finish.

The success of the uptake of the scheme has meant that applicants have received energy efficiency improvements grants worth up to £7,600. The scheme received 1,736 applications in the first week of launch.

Amber Rudd, appointed to the position of parliamentary Under Secretary of State for climate change said, "Green Deal Home Improvement Fund vouchers have been flying out of the door. We're delighted that so many families are already making the most of this very generous offer."

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