Fit a Gutter Brush Before Autumn to Prevent Damage

13th July 2015

Hedgehog gutter cleaner

We all know what terrible damage can be caused to our homes when gutters become clogged with the inevitable autumn debris. You can prevent the necessity of having costly emergency repairs by fitting the Permaroof Gutter Brush now, while the weather is still great for climbing ladders.

The Gutter Brush is an innovative, yet achingly simple product that sits in the gutters of the house, allowing water to pass through, but preventing leaves and other debris from clogging the gutter.

The Gutter Brush is available in two colours - black or white - so that it remains virtually invisible from the ground, working away quietly and effectively for years to come, eliminating the necessity of gutter clearing with a 10-year guarantee.

Affectionately known in the trade as 'The Hedgehog', the Gutter Brush comes in 4m lengths and is made from stainless steel wire, with polypropylene filaments that spin around the centre core. Buy as many lengths as you need - joining them is super-easy with excess wiring at either end that can simply be twisted together to form the run you need.

It makes sense to fit the Gutter Brush now, then the worry of gutter overflow and costly damage is negated. Buy yours today and fit it tomorrow with our reliable next day delivery service - you will wish you had bought one years ago!

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