Special Discounts on Flat Roofing Products

12th November 2015

November Discounts 

November is here and it is almost time for Black Friday! Permaroof UK is offering a whole day of savings for our customers with 10% off until 5pm!

Amongst some of our best deals are the flat roofing kits, this year's top sellers, with everything you need to replace your flat roof waterproofing system in one box. Choose from a range of standard sizes or send us your measurements for a custom-cut membrane. We can cut any size on the premises and offer next day delivery for almost all orders.

Our new customers can take advantage of a special 5% introductory discount to use immediately at the checkout. Simply fill in a very short form and get your discount code.

This month instore we have special discounts on both standard and premium grade Firestone EPDM, and more than £10 off 10L of Permaroof acrylic deck adhesive. We have a massive £30 off a great EPDM marketing pack and clearance lines of Permaroof Plus edge trim in white.

Don't miss these and more great deals in our online shop, open 24/7.

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