App Makes Flat Roof Kit Orders Super-Easy

27th January 2015

Easy way to order flat roofing kits!

Check out our new video announcing the exciting launch of Permaroof's revolutionary Kit Builder App for iPhone and Android!

Make struggling with flat roof materials orders a thing of the past. In just eight simple steps, your complete flat roof kit is tailored to your individual specifications within minutes.

Firestone EPDM rubber roofing offers comprehensive waterproofing for flat roof installations of all kinds, whether you need a new shed roof, a renovated garage roof or a watertight flat roof extension up to 12 x 30 metres!

Our amazing Kit Builder App takes the hassle out of ordering - for professional roofers or DIY installers, our app can be a valuable tool with its unique mobile benefits for on-the-go kit building.

Ensuring a long-lasting, waterproof flat roof is made easy with EPDM membrane from Firestone and Permaroof are proud to be the UK's largest importer and supplier. The unique, one-piece membrane is quickly and easily applied with cold, water-based adhesive and with trims and tools included, the flat roof kit is the perfect and long-awaited sustainable alternative to traditional, outdated felt flat roofing.

The incredible Kit Builder App will calculate, not just the EPDM membrane size, but also the adhesive, the tools, the fixings and even the flat roof trim to ensure the finish is perfect. You can tailor your kit to include extrusions, such as a chimney or a flat roof skylight and your kit will give you everything you need.

Professional flat roofers can save time and money producing on-the-spot quotations and we can see the Kit Builder App becoming a major and indeed essential part of every roofer's toolbox.

To find out more about how you can take the hassle out of ordering flat roof supplies with no waste or leftovers, try the Kit Builder App online for free ahead of the exciting mobile launch - you will be amazed at the speed in which your order is put together!

In just a few minutes you can have a complete kit list, ready to go, and with the reliable Permaroof delivery service, you could be installing a professional flat roof the very next day.



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