Get the most from your liquid roof with primer

PermaRoofUK PU primer helps to increase bonding and can improve the surface levelling within the substrate before application of P500 liquid rubber roofing. Safe, fast and straightforward to apply with a roller. If you need help with your order, call the team on 01773 441947.

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Order liquid roofing systems, accelerators, primer and all your flat roofing essentials at PermaRoofUK. Same day order processing for secure orders placed before 12pm and fast nationwide delivery. Talk to the award-winning sales and customer service teams if you need help with your order on 01773 441947 or use the live chat for a quick query.

Download your copy of the P500 liquid waterproofing installation guide. Additional installation guides, technical and product information and safety data can be found in the PermaRoofUK corporate resource library. For the trade we offer for liquid rubber roof training – contact us to find out more.

Increased bonding and levelling with P500 primer

P500 PU primer is a single component, low viscosity, high solids content polyurethane resin. It has been specifically designed to increase bonding and improve the surface levelling of the substrates prior to the application of the liquid rubber membrane.

Using primer offers you to chance to further ease application and create a stronger installation overall. When tackling large projects, consider using a spray method of applying the liquid product. This gives better coverage too, which can contribute to reduced materials cost in addition to the labour.

Applying the full P500 system, including primer, main coat, detailing with bandage (edges and extrusions) and sealing with a UV top coat can help to maximise performance over the long term.