Trim Accessories

High-quality roof trim accessories and fixings

Browse our full range of top-quality roofing trim accessories and fixings for all your flat roofing projects. Completing your EPDM flat roof with good quality trim is the perfect way to create a watertight, long-lasting seal at the roof edges and where the membrane joins to brickwork.


Permaroof trim is manufactured by us to work perfectly with our EPDM roofing systems. A built-in kerb is designed to trap membrane and eliminate the risk of water ingress at these points. Whether you’re looking for a neat, professional finish for your garage or extension roof or ensuring your garden office is watertight, we have a Permaroof trim to suit your needs. Find installation guides in the Permaroof resource library.


To get the most from your EPDM flat roof, use high quality Permaroof trim accessories with your roofing products. With a life expectancy of more than 50 years, EPDM roofing is designed to last, and you need trim accessories to match this performance. Buy online today before 12pm and fit tomorrow with next day delivery.

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