Complete Your Project with Permaroof Flat Roof Trim

High-quality and performance for long-lasting waterproofing for flat roofing

Permaroof flat roof trim creates a perfect, professional finish to all EPDM roofing installations. Adding trim gives a watertight seal around the perimeter of your flat roof and helps to direct water to the gutter edge, while beautifully completing and tidying the entire project.


Permaroof trim and accessories are extruded using virgin plastic to give maximum longevity and accuracy of profiles in addition to colourfast and non-brittle advantages. Buy Permaroof flat roof trim in 3.5m lengths, available in three colours – black, white or anthracite grey – to suit your individual project. Use with Permaroof fixings, Permaroof Bond & Seal, closed cell foam tape, corner pieces and end caps.

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