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Re-roof your shed for the last time! Firestone RubberCover EPDM shed roof kit contains everything you need. Fast and easy to apply, perfect for DIY. Lifetime Guarantee.

EPDM Shed Roof Kit

Re-roof your shed for the last time! Firestone RubberCoverTM EPDM shed roof kit contains everything you need. Fast and easy to apply, perfect for DIY. Lifetime Guarantee.


Permaroof’s EPDM shed roof kits contain everything you need to re-roof your shed for the last time with a Lifetime Guarantee. Firestone flat roof membranes offer both trade and DIY roofers high quality and exceptional performance. Order today and get your membrane hand cut to size at Permaroof, ready for fast delivery.

  • Fast and easy to fit – no experience needed
  • Everything included, even adhesives and sealants
  • Lifetime guarantee

Product code: SRK2M17M


  • Standard sizes
  • Thickness 1.14mm
  • Weight 1.4kg per m2

Standard Sizes Available:

  • Shed kit 1 - 6' X 4' (2m x 1.7m)
  • Shed kit 2 - 7' X 5' (2.4m x 2m)
  • Shed kit 3 - 8' X 6' (2.7m x 2.3m)
  • Shed kit 4 - 10' X 6' (3.3m x 2.3m)
  • Shed kit 5 - 10' X 8' (3.4m x 3m)

Contact us for custom sizes.


  • Firestone EPDM membrane
  • Firestone Spray Contact Adhesive
  • Permaroof Bond and Seal Sealant
  • Lifetime Membrane Warranty

In this kit we have ensured that the piece of rubber exceeds the size of your shed roof to allow for the necessary overhang and additional length caused by the apex. If you require additional trims and adhesive these can be purchased in our online shop.

Options Available:

Standard grade EPDM is perfect for shed roofs and all other types of flat roofing. For heavier duty installations, this remarkable Firestone flat roof membrane is also available in premium grade at 1.52mm thickness.


Permaroof also developed a range of custom-cut flat roof kits, including everything you need to complete your project.

No waste. Perfect for DIY shed roofing, green roof projects and more.

Features and benefits of an EPDM shed roof kit:

Applied in a single sheet, resulting in fewer seams and reduced installation time. Cold applied using water-based and bonding adhesives. Safe and easy to apply. Ideal for DIY.

Unmatched resistance to ozone and UV radiation. 100% water resistant over the long term. Proven worldwide high performance in a range of locations and climates. Life expectancy of over 50 years.

Remains flexible at extreme temperatures and maintains UV stability. Elongation over 300% to accommodate significant building movement and temperature fluctuations.

Requires little or no maintenance over the lifespan. Suitable for DIY application and reduces professional installation time. Firestone EPDM is a long-term flat roof waterproofing solution with a low life cycle cost.

Limited environmental impact during the manufacturing process and throughout use. Fully recyclable.

Customer Service and Delivery

  • Orders placed before 12pm will be processed the same day for fast delivery (Mainland UK).
  • Collection available from Alfreton, Derby by appointment.
  • For further product information or after sales service please contact our friendly team by phone, email or chat.


Contact our team to discuss setting up your trade account. Benefit from preferential pricing, a dedicated account manager, samples and marketing materials and much more. Give us a call now on 01773 441 947.

How to fit your shed roof kit

Both preparation and installation of Firestone shed roof systems are important to ensure the best performance from your project. The Permaroof teams are happy to advise. Call us on 01773 441 947 during working hours or use the live chat facility.

Preparation of the roof deck

Ensure the surface is free from debris, dirt and dust and is in good condition. Correct preparation is essential to ensure both successful application of the EPDM shed roof kit and long-term performance. (see the full preparation guide here).

Application of the membrane

Lay out the EPDM membrane over the surface area of your shed allowing for the correct overhang. Allow the membrane to rest for around 30 minutes to allow packing creases to dissipate.


Fold the EPDM back to expose around half of the roof.


Use the gloves provided. If you have the Permaroof spray adhesive, spray an even coat across both the membrane and the exposed timber shed roof. If you’re using the roller to apply water-based bonding adhesive to the substrate, apply an even coat across the exposed timber.

Roll the membrane into the adhesive and remove trapped air or wrinkles by smoothing with a soft bristle broom or brush.

Trim excess membrane, leaving approx. 50mm overhang.

Use the Permaroof Bond and Seal along the edge of the standard shed edge bead (timber) and sandwich the overhang EPDM membrane to create a seal before fixing with screws or nails.

Please see the video here for full instructions on how to install your EPDM shed roof kit.

Cost comparison vs. traditional felt roofing

For a small average-sized shed, we would expect that a roll of traditional roofing felt would cost anything between £50-60, which is the cheaper option in the short term. However, consider the 50-year life expectancy of the EPDM shed roof kit and how many times you have already re-roofed your shed with felt in far less time.

Replace your shed roof for life with EPDM and cross that job off your list for good.

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