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13mm St Andrews artificial grass is primarily used for as a putting green on golf courses and training areas. Regardless to if you are an amateur or professional, St Andrews is perfect for your golfing project such as a full golf course site or a DIY at home training area.

The compact 13mm pile height provides a firm and high quality grade artificial grass with over 70,000 stitches per m2, the highest of the entire PermaLawn artificial grass range. The texture and finish of the St Andrews always allows your golf ball to travel at a consistent and unaffected speed throughout its entire trajectory.

When used on professional golf courses St Andrews is normally used in conjunction which a second, thicker outer artificial grass to create a combination in, around and on the putting green for maximum effect, colour and realism combined with low maintenance and prolonged longevity and durability.

St Andrews has a 'Stimp rating' of 10 - 11. A stimp rating is a numerical association as to how fast the green is rolling, the green speed. When golfers talk about the stimp rating of a green, comprised of either natural or artificial grass, they are referring to how easily the ball will roll across the green.

With modern, professional golf courses the vast majority of green used in championship competitions are very rarely lower than 10 which the exception of some British courses which experience abnormally high wind conditions. This makes St Andrews a competition standard artificial grass solution

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