EPDM Rubber Roof Kits for Easy, Fast Flat Roofing

10th December 2016

EPDM Rubber Roofing Kits

As we move into the thick of winter, we all turn our thoughts to the coming spring - we're British, we can't help it - and the jobs that we need to get sorted outside. Planning the largest jobs starts now, and Permaroof are here to help you with one of the biggest - the garage flat roof.

Leaking flat roofing can become the bane of one's life. There are only so many times that the stuff stored in the garage can be moved out of reach of the drips, and only so long the leak can be left before serious, costly damage begins to show itself. Addressing these issues with quick fixes can only last so long, and it makes sense to look at the bigger picture as soon as possible.

EPDM rubber roof kits from Permaroof UK offer the answer. Our comprehensive kits are carefully put together in a wide range of standard sizes that can be bought off-the-shelf in our online store and delivered the very next day if you order before 1pm.

Everything you need to produce a professional installation is included in the rubber roof kit:

  • Premium grade Firestone EPDM membrane
  • Permaroof water-based adhesive
  • Permaroof bonding adhesive
  • Gutter trim
  • Edge trim
  • Corners and caps
  • Joint clips
  • Closed cell foam tape
  • Polypins


Your rubber roof kits are designed to give you exactly what you need, in exactly the right quantities, so you can be sure you won't have excess membrane to cut away, adhesive left over - and it means you pay for what you need!

Garage rubber roof kits from Permaroof UK are super-easy to install, and offer the country's DIYing public a chance to tackle a big job with no fuss. We have a range of PDF installation guides and videos on our website, accessible from any device, so you can even view a video while sitting on the garage roof, if you get stuck on any tricky bits.

Start planning your big jobs now, and let Permaroof help you!

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