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Aerators, are designed to help aerate the concrete slab beneath, and help the structure to breathe.

All concrete will retain an element of moisture within its mass after the construction process, and it is important that once the roof is waterproofed, this moisture has a way to escape the system, otherwise there is a risk that this retained moisture will build up and possibly bulge out of the top of the structure and cause the waterproof seal to bubble, blister or even burst.

The vent is designed to draw this moisture away from the concrete slab. It is placed onto the bare concrete beneath the waterproofing membrane and insulation. The membrane will then be applied over the base of the vent. This creates a “flue” which helps to draw the vapour out of the concrete. There are a series of ribs along the underside of the round base plate (or flange) and this encourages the movement of vapour along the base and into the tube (or flue). It also acts to alleviate any hot air which might appear between the slab and the membrane, often evidenced by blistering and bubbling of the membrane.

The top of the pipe or flue has three lateral holes to allow the vapour to escape into the atmosphere. It is covered by a hood or cap which overlaps the internal holes, preventing rainwater entering the system but still allowing the passage of vapour.

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  1. Neil Alston

    2019-08-13 11:34:16

    what are the benefits of using an aerator?? not convinced.

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    1. Permaroof Team

      2019-08-13 11:56:56

      Hi Neil, thanks for your query about the flat roof aerator.

      It is designed to give moisture a way to escape from a concrete roof system. All concrete retains an element of moisture after the construction process, and it is important that once the roof is waterproofed, the moisture escapes, otherwise there is a risk it can build up and bulge out of the top of the structure, causing the seal to bubble and potentially compromise the membrane.

      If you'd like to chat this through, please give the EPDM products team a call on 01773 441947. Thanks again, I hope this helps.

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