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EPDM Drain Outlet & Leaf Guard

Available in 60mm, 80mm, 100mm or 150mm


EPDM Drain Outlets are used to connect EPDM membrane to rain water drains.

The slightly conical shape enables fast and simple installation in rain water drains. The roof outlet has a smooth flange to improve adhesion to the EPDM membranes and has two rings on the shank which act as a drain trap between the outlet and the rain water drain. The resilience of the material used in its construction guarentees a long term seal.

The shank in the upper section has a series of internal serrations which ensure that the leaf-excluder or gravel-excluder is fixed tightly to the connector.

Resistant to deterioration by the sun, ozone and other agents or chemicals normally found in the atmosphere. They have excellent flexibility even at low temperatures. The mechanical properties are maintained in the long term.




H is the height of the spigot or pipe

D1 is the outer diameter of the flange or surrounding ring

D2 is the inner diameter of the pipe at the top

D3 is the inner diameter of the pipe at the top

D4 is the outer diameter of the wall at the top and also the outer diameter of the leaf guard 


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