What to Do If You Need an Emergency Roof Repair

Permaroof Team
December 17, 2018

A leaking roof in need of emergency roof repair on a flat roof extension can be easily and quickly spotted, but outside buildings such as a garden shed, office or garage can sometimes be left for weeks, particularly over the winter months.

Checking your roofing for signs of leaking

It makes sense to periodically check flat roofing so that any issues can be spotted and dealt with before they become more serious problems.

Carry out visual inspections regularly, every few weeks to make sure you know your roofing. This way, when things begin to go wrong, you will know. Look for signs of bubbling or cracking in old felt coverings or membranes as this will be a giveaway sign of something going on underneath the roofing. Ponding water on the roof surface is also a sign of potential damage.

Calling in a professional roofer

An emergency roof repair often calls for professional attention, but this can prove costly for homeowners. Often, an emergency call-out incurs an additional fee, as your professional roofer may have to reschedule his current clients and projects to attend. Out-of-hours fees can be even more expensive, so bear this in mind before you call someone out.

Store an emergency roof repair kit at home

An emergency roof repair kit can help homeowners to tackle urgent repairs quickly and without the need for an expensive call-out. Permaroof’s Emergency Roof Repair product is based on an EPDM liquid membrane and is fast and easy to apply.

Most homeowners with basic DIY skills can use an emergency roof repair product to tackle a range of issues on many types of roofing, including EPDM membrane, felt roofing and concrete, and will provide an effective seal to avoid further damage to the roof deck.

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Prevention of a leaking flat roof is far better than treatment of one. If you think that your flat roof needs to be replaced, or you have repaired it several times before, consider recovering yours with a modern, durable and long-lasting alternative to traditional roofing. EPDM flat roof kits are available for DIY installation and can prove to be a better choice than unreliable roof coverings requiring expensive emergency roof repair.

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