Add EPDM Roofing to Your Business with Permaroof Training

Add EPDM roofing to your business in 2020 with Permaroof training days. High-quality flat roof training for trade roofers offers further business opportunities. Find out more.
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How EPDM Roofing Reduces Long-Term Home Improvements Investment

EPDM roofing has a life expectancy that is unmatched by any other roofing material and gives higher performance in a cost vs value scenario over the long term. Find out more about how EPDM could save you money.
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Add Rubber Roofing to Your Business with Permaroof Training and Assessment

If you’ve been thinking about adding rubber roofing to your existing roofing business offerings, you can’t go wrong with Permaroof training. Permaroof EPDM training is offered in both sheet membrane and liquid rubber roofing application.

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