Why EPDM is Better than Felt for Shed Roofing

Why EPDM is Better than Felt for Shed Roofing

This time of the year is perfect for replacing shed roofing and thousands of homeowners are getting ready to tackle the job again for another year or two. Shed roofing is a common DIY task across the UK and roofing felt is a common material – relatively cheap and easy to install (unless you’re going for a hot bitumen or torch-down approach).

The trouble with traditional roofing felt however, is that it doesn’t have the effectivity or staying power to be a permanent solution to waterproofing. It is also harder to work with than a membrane, because it doesn’t have much flexibility and the joins can be tough to make reliably watertight.

The benefits of EPDM over felt

Flexible and long lasting

EPDM membrane offers a flexibility and longevity that far outperforms felt and tar paper. Once correctly applied, it carries a life expectancy of more than 50 years, with a performance to match over the entire lifespan. This means that far from being an annual or a bi-annual task with felt, you need only use an EPDM kit once to replace your shed roof.

Easy to install

For shed roofing, EPDM is laid in a single sheet using water-based bonding adhesives. Safe and easy to apply, EPDM is fast-becoming the go-to material for modern shed roofing. Confident DIYers can easily tackle the application of EPDM using a roller to apply adhesive or by choosing a spray adhesive to speed up the curing process.

Available in a shed roof kit

PermaRoof UK stocks a wide range of standard-shed-sized roofing kits to make life even easier for DIYers. With everything included, there’s no waste and there’s no chance of missing any vital materials. For larger or more complex projects, we offer custom-built kits.

Browse our range of shed roof kits here.

If you’re ready to tackle your shed roof and would prefer a long-term, high-performance approach, watch the video here to see if DIY shed roofing is for you.

The video shows application of the EPDM shed roof kit using spray adhesive. To find out more about applying EPDM adhesive with a roller, download the installation guide here.

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