Prevent Roof Condensation with Permavent

Prevent Roof Condensation with Permavent

Roof condensation can become a significant problem for buildings of all types across the construction industry. The roof space is where the rising heat from a building collects, often making these where the heat is most highly concentrated. This commonly leads to the formation of condensation as the hot air meets the cooler temperatures outside the building. When condensation is allowed to build up, damage to the roof deck can swiftly and inevitably follow.

In flat roofing installations, an uninsulated roof deck can quickly become severely damaged by condensation, which can lead to complete roof replacement. Simply by installing a good quality breather membrane, condensation can be immediately eliminated across the eaves and roof timbers and can help to ease heat loss by up to 25%.

What is breather membrane made of?

Permaroof’s Permavent Breather Membrane uses medical industry technology to create the unique layering that makes it so effective in flat roofing. High grade hydrophobic film is encapsulated within spunbond polypropylene layers. This happens in a unique single process which presses the layers more efficiently and offers superior strength, breathability and durability while maintaining its flexibility over a longer lifespan compared to other breather membranes on the market.

Improving air quality across the building

Installing breather membrane dries out the building and ultimately creates a healthier environment for those inside. Whether you’re adding breather membrane to a domestic flat roof, a garden office or a large commercial office building, the benefits are far reaching on many levels.

Reducing heat loss helps to reduce energy consumption and can often result in lower running costs or improved energy ratings when combined with flat roofing insulation or roof skylights, for example.

Why buy from Permaroof?

Permaroof flat roofing supplies are developed with the most common roofing issues in mind, whether you’re a trade roofer or a DIY homeowner with skills. Our customers are at the forefront of all our decision-making and we spend time developing effective solutions at affordable prices.

Permavent breather membrane is fully certified under CE standards and has undergone rigorous testing and certification within independent European laboratory conditions. Certified for use within all types of roofing and walling, Permavent membranes conform fully with the following regulatory conditions:

  • BS 5250: 2011 Code of practice for control of condensation in buildings.
  • BS 5534: 2014 Code of practice for slating and tiling.
  • BS 8000-6: 1990 Workmanship on building sites.
  • BS EN 1991-1-4; 2005 +A1: 2010 +UK NA.
  • BS EN 13859: Flexible sheets for underlays.
  • BS EN 13501-1 2007.

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