Permaroof 500 – Versatile Roofing in Action

Permaroof 500 – Versatile Roofing in Action

The PermaRoof500 (P500) system is a revolution in liquid roofing. It offers a long-term, durable waterproofing solution for a wide range of projects, from a small balcony to a large commercial installation. 

Find out more about why our liquid roofing system is so versatile and how its been used in even the most challenging of situations in our case study below. 

What is P500 liquid roofing?

The P500 liquid waterproofing system is a continuous waterproofing membrane that can also form the basis of anti-skid and anti-slip surfacing. The revolutionary liquid PU formula was developed to offer a simplified, highly effective approach to complex roofing or other systems where membrane is difficult or impossible to install. 

The system utilises a primer, embedment coat, chopped strand reinforcing matting and is completed with a UV topcoat to deliver high performance and durability in all weather conditions. In just one layer, applied with a roller, P500 brings high resistance to fluctuating temperatures and UV with an initial curing time of just 30 minutes.

Why choose P500?

P500 liquid solution is suitable for a wide range of projects and covers a variety of substrates from timber to concrete and metal. Whether you’re a homeowner resurfacing a balcony or a developer covering the roof of a University, P500 offers a fast, straightforward approach and a range of benefits:

  • Seals and protects existing asphalt and concrete
  • Perfect for anti-slip with the addition of a suitable medium
  • Self-levelling to avoid over working
  • Better than membrane for high levels of detailing – such as multiple extrusions
  • Range of accessories available
  • Suitable for projects of all sizes, including DIY
  • Provides a stable, reliable base layer for green roofs
  • And more.

Download the product and installation guide from our corporate site here.

Suitable for DIY

P500 is increasing in popularity for smaller-scale projects within the DIY sector. Fast and easy to apply using a series of rollers, the liquid PU solution can be handled by a skilled and confident DIYer. Fast curing, smaller projects using P500 can be completed and ready to use in under a day. 

Ideal for:

  • Balcony surfacing
  • Garage roofing
  • Green roof projects
  • Terraces and walkways
  • Anti-slip coating for garden steps, pool areas and paths

We stock the P500 system in our online store and offer expert advice on all your projects, regardless of size. 

P500 in Action – Read the Case Study

Recently, the P500 system was installed on a major, 250m2 asphalt-covered roof at the University of Leeds’ Woodhouse site. The fully-supported project involved specification and conditional reporting, and the versatile and durable system was the clear choice.

The system was selected as the most suitable for the level of detail required to handle the high number of plant units and other extrusions in place on the roof. Our case study highlights the exceptional viability of P500 in a major commercial installation executed within a tight time frame.

Read the full case study on our corporate website here.