Permaroof Rubber Roofs Perfect for DIY

Permaroof Rubber Roofs Perfect for DIY

Rubber roofs from Permaroof are ideal for DIY application and have been growing in popularity for flat roof installation across the homes of the UK. EPDM rubber roofs have been hugely successful in both commercial and domestic sectors for decades, and field testing is proving that they are going to outlast other roof types by decades too.

Top reasons why rubber roofs are good for DIY roofers

Fast and easy to install - Rubber roofs are much faster and easier to install than other types of roofing, such as ERG or metal-clad options, which need to be installed by a qualified industry professional.

No expensive, special tools required - Rubber roofing uses basic tools and water-based, cold adhesives, making it a much better, safer option for the DIY homeowner looking for a shed roof replacement, for example.

No joins - Most domestic installations will need an EPDM rubber roof membrane in a standard size that can be fitted in a single sheet. This removes the need to pay attention to joins, which in most roofing installations, can prove to be the most challenging part of the job, even for the professionals.

Rubber roofs are available in kit-form – Permaroof UK Ltd introduced the EPDM rubber roof kit to the delight of the DIY sector. No longer do inexperienced roofers need to worry about under- or over-ordering membrane, adhesive or accessories such as trim.

Permaroof UK is dedicated to helping those homeowners that want to complete their own shed roof replacement or re-roof a standard-sized garage. We provide industry resources and EPDM installation guides to help you tackle every aspect of rubber roof application.

Want some rubber roofs training?

We also offer one-day training courses at our headquarters in Derby, should you wish to gain some rubber roofs knowledge before you go for your DIY install. Find out more about Permaroof rubber roofs training here, or contact us on 01773 441947 to talk to an experienced member of the team today.

If you find you aren’t confident when it comes to installing your rubber roofs, don’t despair! Permaroof UK are happy to put you in touch with a reliable, local installer to come to the rescue. Homeowners can access this free service here.