Let in Natural Light and Reduce Energy Consumption with Roofing Skylights

Let in Natural Light and Reduce Energy Consumption with Roofing Skylights

Flat roofing skylights can become a valuable addition to any home improvement project. Natural lighting can make your inside spaces feel bigger. The Permaroof range of glass edge skylights open up the roof to add a touch of class and also bring the wow factor to your interiors.

Earlier this year, Permaroof UK acquired The Skylight Company to expand on its already growing skylights range. As a result, we are now able to offer even greater scope for your UK flat roofing projects with a stunning and expansive range of both Velux and our beautiful glass edge skylights.

The energy saving benefits of roofing skylights

When natural lighting can pour into the home, the energy saving benefits are clear. Cutting down on energy consumption, while heating the rooms naturally throughout the day also improves the domestic carbon footprint, which is an increasingly higher priority for today’s homeowner generation.

Permaroof roof skylights offer additional noise reducing properties and contain UV filters to ensure minimised glare and sun bleaching effects. The latest skylights benefit from innovative manufacturing techniques of both glass and framework to enhance thermal properties and can help improve the energy rating of many of the UKs homes.

Give your home the wow factor

The Permaroof range of glass edge skylights deliver the wow factor from the interior of the project, without a doubt. Often, flat roof extension projects can appear dull from the inside, even with the addition of some good lighting. An edge-to-edge skylight can make a huge difference from a design perspective, opening up the ceiling to the sky and offering a much more spacious feel to any room.

Skylights can also enhance the aesthetic value of garden rooms and offices, allowing the natural light in and completing an otherwise dull flat roof with a touch of class. Be the envy of your neighbours with roofing skylights from Permaroof.

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