Kingspan TR27 Roofing Insulation Now in Stock

Kingspan TR27 Roofing Insulation Now in Stock

PermaRoof UK is pleased to add Kingspan TR27 roofing insulation to its extensive range of flat roofing products. As one of the largest UK importers of Firestone EPDM roofing systems, we’re perfectly placed to bring trade and DIY roofers some of the best products from the best names in the industry. Kingspan roofing insulation is just the latest in a growing range of high quality roofing supplies.

The Kingspan TR27 product perfectly complements EPDM roofing and adds additional value to the project in terms of sustainability. Let’s find out why…

High performance insulation for flat roofing

Kingspan TR27 (Thermaroof) has a fibre-free rigid thermoset polyisocyanurate (PIR) core that offers stability and low thermal conductivity rating of 0.024 W/m-K. Its compressive strength of 150 kPa (10% compression) makes it a reliable option and the ideal, long-lasting approach for the EPDM roofing system or a liquid rubber coating.

The PIR core also ticks environmental boxes for the installation. With a manufacturing process that creates zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and low Global Warming Potential (GWP), this roofing insulation achieves a Green Guide rating of A.

Developed to enhance the insulating properties of flat roofing, Kingspan TR27 is perfect to use with fully-adhered, single ply membrane.

Why is roofing insulation important?

Installing high performance roofing insulation is particularly beneficial in flat roofing projects. For homeowners, this can be a bonus in terms of the energy, and ultimately cost savings that can be realised. In many cases, the cost savings can ensure that the project pays for itself over the long term.

In any case, when installing a high performance flat roofing system such as EPDM, which carries a life expectancy of more than 50 years, why wouldn’t you install roofing insulation to gain the most from the project? Often, replacing a roof or putting a new roof on an extension, for example, is a major undertaking. Cutting corners or cutting costs can be a false economy over time.

Buy online with fast delivery

The Kingspan TR27 roofing insulation is available to buy securely online now at PermaRoof UK. Insulation is available in 1200 x 1200mm boards at 120mm thickness for maximum performance.

Don’t hesitate to contact the team at PermaRoof UK if you need help with your order. With award-winning sales and customer service values, we’re a team you can trust.