Introducing SealEco 2.3mm Fleece Backed EPDM

Introducing SealEco 2.3mm Fleece Backed EPDM

PermaRoof UK is pleased to include high performance SealEco fleece backed EPDM membrane in our evolving roofing products range. Available to buy online in 20m and 60m rolls in two widths – 1.78m and extra-wide 3.4m for faster installation. Let PermaRoof UK help you give your clients the best choice of materials for their flat roof projects.

Why SealEco waterproofing?

With a reputation for high quality waterproofing and building sealing products for more than 50 years, SealEco is a name you can trust. This revolutionary fleece backed EPDM membrane provides a strong, durable seal across a wide range of roofing substrates and offers a smooth, wrinkle-free installation.

Whether you’re handling a commercial new build, a domestic refurbishment or an industrial gutter system, lightweight SealEco fleece backed EPDM is a reliable, long-term solution.

  • 2.3mm thick membrane provides a strong, durable finish
  • 3.4m wide panels for faster installation
  • Roll lengths cut to size from 60m or 20m rolls
  • Flexible and elastic rubber membrane
  • Chemically and thermally stable with exceptional weather resistance
  • Fleece-backed membrane gives a smooth, wrinkle-free installation
  • No thermal movements or tensions in the roof membrane
  • No talc on the surface for a clean finish
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Environmentally friendly – the product does not contain any heavy metals

Ideal for green roof projects

This fleece backed EPDM membrane from SealEco has a high puncture resistance. This means that it is increasing in popularity for green roof systems where root penetration has to be considered. SealEco RubberTop is also fast-becoming the go-to membrane for use in higher traffic areas, such as in an extensive green roof, where foot traffic is typically more common. Extensive green roofing can often be seen in office roof gardens or terraces, for example.

Note: It is always advisable to install additional protection in all types of green roof project to cushion the membrane from the stone drainage layers. Visit the Permaroof Green Roof Division to find out more.

Installing fleece backed EPDM

SealEco fleece backed EPDM membrane is fast and straightforward to install, which can reduce your labour time and offer your clients even better value over the span of the project. The unique system is joined and sealed with tapes, bonding adhesives and sealants that come together to offer a perfect seal.

Permaroof stocks SealEco RubberTop EPDM in two widths to suit a wide range of projects – 1.78m and 3.4m for a faster install across a larger roofspan. We also stock a range of specialist SealEco tapes, adhesives, sealants and accessories, recommended by the manufacturer for the best results.

Trust PermaRoof UK

PermaRoof UK is one of the country’s leading suppliers of innovative building and roofing products for trade and DIY. Talk to our award-winning sales and customer service teams if you need any help with your order or if you wish to open a trade account for further benefits at PermaRoof.

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