How to Reroof the Shed in 9 Easy Steps - Keep Yourself Busy During Lockdown

How to Reroof the Shed in 9 Easy Steps - Keep Yourself Busy During Lockdown

Keeping yourself busy is important to many people during times of crisis and the UKs homeowners are turning to DIY to do just that. Keep it simple and don’t take any chances when choosing your jobs, no one wants to be putting extra pressure on the NHS during such critical times!

Calling out the professionals isn’t going to be likely during the current lockdown across the UK, unless it’s an emergency, and a leaking shed roof will only get worse. Reroofing the shed is the ideal DIY project and we’re here to give you the low-down on how it’s done quickly and easily, even for the most unfamiliar with DIY.

Permaroof DIY shed roof kits

The perfect start to replacing your shed roof is to buy a pre-made kit. Permaroof UK stocks a wide range of shed roof kits in standard or bespoke sizes, complete with everything you need to get the job done. Buying a shed roof kit from us ensures the right amount of kit with no waste or underbuying – handy when you can’t easily pop out to the DIY store to buy more materials right now.

Our kits include top-quality Firestone EPDM RubberCover membrane, spray contact adhesive and Bond n Seal sealant to ensure a fully watertight seal for the long term. EPDM has a life expectancy of more than 50 years and we’re so confident in them that we include a lifetime guarantee with all our shed roof kits.

Permaroof shed roofing kits are fast and easy to install and are much safer than more traditional methods such as felt or tar paper application.

How to replace your shed roof quickly and easily

Choose from a range of standard sizes in our online shop or build a bespoke kit by entering your own size. Carefully measure the length and width and add 300mm overhang (overhang is automatically included in the standard size kits).

Order by phone on or online here.

How to install your shed roof

We’ve put together some easy-to-follow instructions below and included a video tutorial to walk you through installing your EPDM shed roof kit. Full instructions are included with your kit or you can find a copy here.

Step 1

When your kit arrives, choose a dry day and familiarise yourself with the contents. Strip back any old roof covering and brush the surface clean.

Keep the old battens from the front of the shed or replace with new timber battens (not included in the shed roof kit).

Check the contents of your shed roof kit

Step 2

Lay out the membrane in position over the shed roof and allow to rest for 1-2 hours.

Rest the membrane

Step 3

Fold back the membrane to expose one half of the shed roof and spray the contact adhesive evenly across the exposed board. Allow to dry.

Apply adhesive to one half of the shed roof

Spray the adhesive evenly

Step 4

Spray the adhesive evenly across the back of the EPDM membrane you folded over during step three. Allow this to dry off and go tacky when touched.

Spray the adhesive evenly

Step 5

Roll the membrane slowly back over your pre-glued roof deck. Make sure you keep it even and consistent to avoid creases or large bubbles forming and use a soft broom to smooth down the membrane across the surface.

Roll the membrane over the glued roof

Smooth the membrane

Now repeat the process on the other side of the shed roof, folding back the other half to rest on the finished side.

Step 6

Trim away the excess overhang all around the edges. Make sure you leave a minimum of 50mm in place.

Trim the excess

Step 7

For this step you will need the timber battens ready. At the front of the shed, pinch the corners of the EPDM membrane and fold inwards to form a triangle. Then secure with the batten at this point. Repeat on the other side.

Pinch the corners

Making the corners

Fix the batten

Step 8

Apply adhesive to the shed and the membrane around the edges. Allow to dry and then press the membrane firmly down. Do this to both sides first, then the front and back of the shed.

Finish the edges

Press down firmly

Step 9

Apply a bead of sealant to the back of all your battens, above your screw holes, then fix the battens starting with the sides and then back and front.

And you’re done!

PermaRoof UK is here to support our clients and we’re happy to talk you through your orders if you need any advice. We offer fast delivery as standard, but please bear with us during the current time, as we’re protecting our staff by working a rota system for distribution.

Stay safe and happy DIYing.