How a GutterBrush Can Reduce Flat Roof Repairs

How a GutterBrush Can Reduce Flat Roof Repairs

Clogged gutters are one of the most common reasons people need flat roof repairs. Once gutters become clogged with leaves and other debris that typically falls during the autumn and over winter, water cannot effectively drain away, gutters overflow, and the risks of water ingress and damage increase dramatically.

When gutters overflow, water can quickly and easily seep through flat roofing, damaging the roof deck and eventually leaking inside the building causing expensive damage to interior decorations and goods stored inside. Tackling the problem if spotted early enough can be expensive, as emergency call-out costs and repairs are often much higher than pre-arranged and booked-in jobs.

The GutterBrush can provide a fast and easy fix for homeowners all over the UK.

What is a Gutterbrush?

The Gutterbrush is a simple, yet innovative invention, consisting of polyurethane brush filaments wound around a central, stainless steel core – it looks like a giant version of a baby bottle brush.

Designed to sit neatly into most standard gutters, and with a quick and easy fixing method for slightly larger gutters, the Gutterbrush prevents leaves and other debris from even entering the gutter. Debris simply blows off or becomes caught in the filaments. Water can still pass easily through the filaments and drain away in the correct manner.

How to buy a Gutterbrush

PermaroofUK Ltd stock the Gutterbrush (or Hedgehog as it is affectionately known) in our online flat roofing supplies shop. It is available in 4m lengths in both black and white to match your guttering. Homeowners can also bulk-purchase the Gutterbrush, enabling them to completely fill all the gutters around the house or outside buildings at a reduced cost.

Find out more and buy a Gutterbrush online now.

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