Genuine Firestone Rubbercover for EPDM Roofs

Genuine Firestone Rubbercover for EPDM Roofs

Looking for genuine Firestone Rubbercover for EPDM roofs and projects? Permaroof UK Ltd has been an approved distributor for almost two decades! And with customer service values that win awards, Permaroof is the best place to buy your Firestone Rubbercover and all your EPDM supplies.

Rubber roofing is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the roofing industry, and this attracts many different suppliers and manufacturers of rubber membranes. Consumers should be careful when buying rubber roofing online, as there are many different types available, some of which are much better than others.

Why is it important to buy genuine Firestone Rubbercover?

Genuine Firestone Rubbercover EPDM membranes are manufactured to the highest quality, using proven techniques successful for decades. Firestone has tested Rubbercover extensively and offers guarantees of up to 20 years. The expected lifespan of Firestone Rubbercover EPDM is currently at more than 50 years, outperforming many other rubber roofing membranes significantly.

To fully realise the benefits of your rubber EPDM roofs, it makes perfect sense to buy genuine Firestone Rubbercover membranes. Small initial savings are negated over the long-term, in addition to extra labour hours and the cost of ‘early’ replacement. Permaroof has sold genuine Firestone Rubbercover flat roof kits and accessories for years to homeowners and trade roofers who originally bought a non-branded version and were disappointed.

Ease of application and EPDM flat roof kits

Firestone Rubbercover is designed to be easy to apply, particularly when compared to other types of flat roof materials. EPDM roofs benefit from this ease of application in the DIY sector too, enabling homeowners to save money on projects such as shed roofing or the installation of green roofs.

Permaroof Firestone EPDM flat roof kits have taken this another step further with no worry about ordering the right amount of membrane, adhesive, trim and other accessories. Today, our store stocks a wide range of standard sizes and we have an option for you to input your own measurements in an online tool developed as part of our customer support network. Try the Kit Builder App online today. It’s free to use and it’s fast!

Membranes of a lesser quality can sometimes require additional adhesive or are prone to bubbling. Bubbling can lead to the appearance of cracks in such materials, which can cause membrane failure within a very short timescale, rendering the installation useless. Firestone Rubbercover carries a reliable guarantee and has a proven history of successful, 100% waterproofing on both domestic and commercial roofing.

Permaroof understands that bottom-line budgeting in all roofing projects is critical. This is why we work hard to ensure that our genuine Firestone Rubbercover EPDM supplies offer you the best value for money online, and with our Next Day Delivery service and introductory discount offer, what are you waiting for?