Are Your Garden Steps Safe? Easy DIY Anti-Slip Solution

Are Your Garden Steps Safe? Easy DIY Anti-Slip Solution

Accidents on garden steps are all-too common across the UK. Many homeowners will experience a fall on slippery steps or paths. Sometimes moss can build up on stones or concrete, making them treacherous underfoot for even the most sure-footed of us.

Making paths and garden steps safe doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. A skilled DIYer can tackle the job confidently with the right solution, and Permaroof has it in the P500 liquid rubber system.

What is P500?

PermaRoof’s P500 is a revolutionary liquid PU solution developed to provide reliable, long-term waterproofing. It is suitable for a wide range of projects, such as:

  • Pitched and flat roof waterproofing
  • Emergency roof repairs
  • Basement tanking
  • Box gutter waterproofing
  • Car parking areas

With the addition of a suitable anti-slip medium, it can be perfect for making safe paths, steps and balcony areas too.

The ideal DIY anti-slip solution

The P500 waterproofing system is fast and easy to apply, making it ideal for DIY application. In two parts, the system must be thoroughly mixed before being applied (liquid PU and accelerator) to the project area. Once applied, an anti-slip medium is added before the main product has cured.

If full coverage of the anti-slip mixture is required, the medium can be added to the product and mixed before application. P500 is also available in a transparent solution.

The flexibility of the system, and ease of application, can make P500 with the anti-slip medium suitable for a wide range of uses around the home. It can provide a safe and water-resistant surface for:

  • Pool areas
  • Patios
  • Roof terraces
  • Balconies
  • Roof gardens
  • Children’s play zones
  • Paths and steps
  • And much more.

For additional safety, particularly if you have an access hatch to your roof, think about adding a QuickSeam walkway pad to provide an anti-slip cushion. If you’ve had concerns about the safety of your garden steps or pathways, consider an anti-slip, rubber based solution.

To find out more about the P500 liquid PU system, watch the video here. P500 is available to buy online with fast delivery across the UK.

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