Firestone Building Products Announce Rebrand to Elevate

Firestone Building Products Announce Rebrand to Elevate

Following the acquisition of Firestone Building Products (FSBP) by Holcim last year, it has been revealed that the brand name will change from Firestone to ElevateTM

FSBP has now become part of the Holcim Building Envelope division of its Solutions and Products Business Unit, offering the same products and services under the new brand name of ElevateTM.

An exciting time for the industry

Holcim is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced construction solutions, with a dedication to sustainability. Its continuing aim is to bring some of the most innovative, advanced building products to the market and it promises to ‘solve the challenges you face today, to evolve how we build tomorrow.’
The business has made a number of significant acquisitions in recent times, including Firestone Building Products in the latter half of last year in a deal worth $3.4 billion. This is an exciting time for the industry as FSBP unites with some of the most trusted brands following a 40-year history as a leader in both innovation and development. 

Read the official FSBP press release here

Firestone is becoming Elevate

FSBP’s high performance range of EPDM products and systems will change in brand name only. As it becomes ElevateTM, all your favourite EPDM RubberCover membranes, adhesives and accessories will remain core products in our online store.

The Firestone brand may be becoming ElevateTM, but the trusted core products, people and high standards will stay the same.

What this means for you and for PermaRoof UK

Your orders, both existing and future, will not be affected and you can continue to order your RubberCover EPDM membrane, roof kits and the wider range of accessories in the usual way.

In the coming weeks and months, you’ll notice our websites updating to reflect the brand change from Firestone to Elevate. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way, and you can talk to us at any time if you have questions as the brand evolves.
It may take some time for branding to update on your RubberCover EPDM and other core products. This is an industry normal in these cases and Firestone branding may be gradually replaced by Elevate as the rebrand rolls out fully across all the manufacturing stages. 

You can be fully assured that buying from PermaRoof UK guarantees a genuine product across all our ranges. Please contact us if you have any questions or require further information.

The future is bright and exciting

For many years, we have been one of the largest Firestone RubberCover distributors in the country. We’re excited about the coming changes for one of our premier suppliers and are looking forward to working on the overall business growth strategy as a result. 

With heightened access to a wider range of construction innovations, product and services for the building envelope, we embrace the future opportunities both for PermaRoof UK, PermaRoof Commercial and PermaGroup as a whole.

PermaGroup managing director, Adrian Buttress said, “It was great to be at the launch party for Elevate. Having had the structure explained to us on how it will grow, I am really excited for the future. Great to see some of our co-distributors from all across Europe too.”  

Together we have become a very powerful team. Now we know we are going for the full building envelope, I am now working on our updated growth strategy to encompass all of this. The potential for growth was already huge. Now this has happened things just got so much bigger.”