Book an EPDM Flat Roof Training Course

Book an EPDM Flat Roof Training Course

What’s in store for your EPDM flat roof training course?

Participants can look forward to a day packed with high-quality EPDM training for both sheet membrane and liquid EPDM application. Arriving first thing to coffee and refreshments gives participants a chance to meet the rest of the trainees and the Permaroof team, all highly trained and efficient.

Following a presentation and demonstration of the day’s training, participants will then be invited to move to the training centre, where practical, hands-on training takes place in our purpose-built training rooms. Attendees receive installation tips and advice along the way from our experienced trainers, approved and accredited by Firestone.

Most of our trainers are already experienced flat roof installation experts and they really know their stuff! Top-class training can make all the difference and our trainees have gone on to add EPDM installation successfully to their existing businesses.

Our flat roof training courses are also suitable for, and well-attended by, the DIY market too. Some handy homeowners are turning to EPDM for a wide range of applications including:

  • DIY shed roofing
  • Garage roofing replacement
  • Home extension projects
  • Green roofing
  • Liquid EPDM application to garden steps
  • Waterproofing balconies
  • Creating non-slip pathways and terraces

Our training programs are helping both DIY and trade roofers to join the fastest-growing sector of the current flat roof industry in single-ply membranes. We are helping trade roofers working across the UK to provide an enhanced service for their clients and with the added bonus of the opportunity to join our contractor network, the chance to expand their businesses for 2019.

Can you afford to miss out? Join Permaroof today, book your EPDM flat roof training course and don’t look back.