EPDM Kit Builder Cuts Quote Times for Trade Roofers

EPDM Kit Builder Cuts Quote Times for Trade Roofers

Permaroof’s EPDM Kit Builder App is the perfect tool to help trade flat roofers cut historically lengthy quotation times. According to user feedback from our Permaroof trade roofing community, the Kit Builder has significantly reduced the time to produce EPDM kit lists and has been most valuable in the creation of tailored kit lists for the most complex flat roof projects.

How does the EPDM kit builder work?

The always-free resource tool from Permaroof is accessed online and can be used on any device without login or sign up and without ads or pop-ups. It has been developed to make the process of building an EPDM project kit list fast and simple and requires only a few entries made over four steps.

The EPDM Kit Builder needs the basic information about the roofing project:

  • Measurements
  • Membrane grade needed (standard, premium or fire-retardant)
  • Edge trim requirements
  • Project location in relation to adjoining buildings
  • Flat roof extrusions

What about complex flat roof projects?

There are opportunities throughout the short process for trade flat roofers to enter any additional details about the project, select colours and choose the project type if required. Projects can be planned in any size, and the EPDM Kit Builder allows for precise details such as upstanding walls, locations of existing or potential skylights and other types of extrusions. The feedback Permaroof receives about the kit builder cites this as one of its most powerful features.

EPDM accessories include innovative solutions to historically vulnerable parts of the flat roof project, such as internal drains. The EPDM pipe boot has been designed to create a watertight seal that remains reliable over the long term for pipes of all sizes and types with a universal fit. The EPDM kit builder includes these solutions and builds them into the planner for you.

All these details facilitate the production of a full EPDM flat roof materials list, tailoring a flat roof kit to suit the exact requirements of the project - within moments. The list can be reviewed fully and is ready to send to Permaroof for a price and to place your order. Print it out and file for the preparation of the quote for the client and that is that. No more working out, double-checking there’s enough allowed for and totting up – the EPDM Kit Builder does all that for you as you go along.

It is no wonder the Permaroof EPDM Kit Builder is as popular and gets such great feedback as it does. Try it online today for free and change the way you produce your roofing quotes for good.

About Permaroof for Trade Roofers

PermaroofUK Ltd offers industry opportunities for trade flat roofers from around the UK. If you’ve been considering an expansion of your existing business or want to move into EPDM roofing systems and green roofing, talk to one of the team today on: 01773 441947.