Free EPDM Kit Builder App for Trade Roofers

Free EPDM Kit Builder App for Trade Roofers

Permaroof’s EPDM Kit Builder App is the perfect tool for trade roofers, streamlining the quotation process and speeding up the turnaround time for all your jobs, large or small. Best of all, it’s free!

We’re one of the leading importers and distributors of Firestone EPDM systems and supplies in the country and we’ve been supporting the UK’s trade roofers for many years from our headquarters in Alfreton, Derby. Our EPDM Kit Builder App is just a part of the support we offer.

Why do you need the EPDM Kit Builder App?

We know that quotations can be time-consuming to prepare. Calculations for materials must be accurate, based on the precise measurements you take when you attend site for your surveys and on the unique details that every flat roofing job has. Working out which accessories you’ll need, quantities of membrane, adhesive, roofing trim and fixings takes time, particularly when you need to have accurate costings to keep you competitive.

The EPDM Kit Builder App cuts the time needed to produce these important elements of the quote.

How does it work?

The App can be installed onto your device or accessed online here. There are no sign ups, so you can get started in just a few moments. There are just four steps to build your EPDM kit list:

  • Enter your measurements
  • Enter details – extrusions, adjoining buildings, upstanding walls
  • Enter additional requirements – trims, gutters
  • Receive your kit list and send to Permaroof for a quote

Using the EPDM Kit Builder App delivers your complete kit list, which you can save and print before you send to Permaroof for pricing up. We aim to come back to you as quickly as possible and offer next day delivery to ensure you’re able to offer your clients a fast, reliable response to their request.

Try the online EPDM Kit Builder App today and see for yourselves how your flat roof quotations can be simplified and streamlined with Permaroof UK.