What’s the Easiest DIY Roof Kit to Install?

What’s the Easiest DIY Roof Kit to Install?

If you’re looking for fast and easy in a DIY roof kit, EPDM rubber could be the answer. Lightweight, making it easy to handle, RubberCover EPDM is cold applied in a single sheet. For straightforward projects, such as shed and garage roofing, it is probably easier to install than kitchen lino for a competent DIYer. 

Our EPDM roof kits come with everything needed and are available in standard sizes or can be tailored to suit your needs. With a wider range of benefits in terms of performance and longevity, EPDM is hard to beat for domestic waterproofing projects. 

A roof kit for every project

There are many projects a DIY roofer may choose to tackle at home, and we have a roof kit to suit them all, with either spray or liquid adhesives (standard includes spray adhesive):

  • Shed roofing
  • Garage roof
  • Extension flat roof
  • Bay window roof
  • Green roof base waterproofing
  • Garden room roof
  • Beach hut roof replacement
  • Bike sheds

Available in standard sizes or custom built by entering your own measurements, our range of roof kits include membrane, adhesive, sealant and roof trim where applicable. All in the correct quantities and ready to apply with just a handful of tools. 

Why choose EPDM rubber?

EPDM is the most common type of rubber roofing membrane to be found in roof kits. This is because of features such as longevity, durability and suitability in the widest range of locations and applications. 
We include RubberCover EPDM from Elevate in our range of DIY roof kits for a number of reasons:

Fast and easy to fit with a small DIY team

If you’re working on your own or in a team of two, then EPDM is ideal for a quick, safe option. Light and easy to handle membrane, cold-application adhesive and no need for professional tools, handy DIYers can fit an EPDM roof kit in less than a day. 

There’s some prep needed in advance, such as stripping back the old covering and cleaning a timber deck, but all-in-all it can typically be a fast and straightforward job. We provide a wide range of guides and resources to support installation.

Single sheet install – no joins

RubberCover is manufactured in a way that enables it to be cut into exceptionally large sheet sizes – up to 15m x 60m. This means that a single sheet can be used for most domestic projects and the need for joins is minimised, simplifying both buying and installation. 

Specially developed accessories

If you come to a tricky bit, such as a pipe extrusion or a drain outlet, for instance, the RubberCover EPDM system has an accessory to handle it. These are installed using a primer and make sealing these details easy. 

These accessories are not included as standard in our off-the-shelf roof kits, but can be either:

  • Added individually by the customer to the order
  • Added by us if we tailor a kit for you over the phone
  • Included in a materials list generated by our free Kit Builder App

Our garage and flat roof kits include a PermaRoof edge and gutter trim system to complete the seal. 

Long lasting approach with a 50-year lifespan

The exceptional service life expectancy of RubberCover EPDM is another reason we include it in our roof kits range. For many homeowners, this approach saves countless hours of labour time and brings the cost of replacement and maintenance down compared to other roof systems.

How to order a roof kit from PermaRoof

We offer a range of roof kit buying options at PermaRoof and all you’re really going to need to get started is a set of accurate measurements. Once you have those – length (of the longest side) and width (of the shortest) – you’re away. 

Option one – select an off-the-shelf roof kit

We’ve provided a selection of the most popular sizes for our off-the-shelf standard roof kits. Our shed roof kits, for example, include the most common standard shed sizes in both feet and metres – simply select your size from the dropdown. You’ll get a one-piece membrane, enough adhesive and sealant. Note that we allow enough excess membrane for overhang in shed roof kits, so you don’t have to. 

Option two – enter your own size

This option is ideal for flat roof extensions and garden rooms, which aren’t always a standard size. You enter your length measurement, width measurement and select your preferred trim colour and we include sufficient materials and fixings. Note that you will need to add around 300mm for your overhang. See this option here.

Option three – use our free EPDM roof kit builder

Our free EPDM roof kit builder tailors a kit based on your measurements and project details. It is a popular tool used by our trade and DIY customers to simplify quantifying for more complex or bespoke projects.
At the end of four stages, the app generates a tailored roof kit, ready to print out for your file or send to us for a no-obligation quote. Try it here - no sign ups required.

Option four – give us a call

Our award-winning sales teams offer expert advice, product guidance and install support, regardless of project size. We’re happy to help create a tailored roof kit to suit your needs and can include a wider range of products, such as insulation or skylights if needed. Give us a call if you need help building a roof kit and we’ll guide you through.