Realise the Benefits of Insulation for Flat Roofing

Realise the Benefits of Insulation for Flat Roofing

Times have changed in terms of insulation for flat roofing. Fibreglass wool-based insulation is largely being replaced with more modern alternatives, such as foam technology, which offers increased energy saving benefits. This is one of the reasons that more homeowners are turning to insulation boards over traditional insulation materials.

When you have your flat roofing replaced, consider updating your insulation at the same time. This can help to reduce the overall cost in terms of labour and can also improve your thermal rating and your energy consumption.

Why is insulation important?

Thermal insulation for flat roofing delivers a range of benefits, particularly for a flat roof extension to the property or in a converted outbuilding, such as a garden office, for example.

  • Warmer space during cold outside temperatures
  • Cooler space during hot summer weather
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower heating bills
  • Improved energy rating

Many local authorities insist on a certain level of insulation in any roofing project according to building regulations. It is worth checking with your local planning department if you are tackling a flat roof project, as some authorities even offer grants to homeowners for improvements to insulation.

Whether you need an upgrade will often depend on the type of roof construction you have. There are two main types – a cold roof and a warm roof.

What is a Cold Roof?

A cold roof is probably the most common form of roofing, yet the least energy efficient from a modern perspective. Construction of a cold roof uses insulation beneath the roof deck and above the ceiling, often between the roof joists. Then the waterproofing cover is laid on top of the deck.

What is a Warm Flat Roof?

A warm roof is a more modern concept in flat roofing and is most recommended today by both planners and trades. It is important to understand that not all roof decks are suitable for warm roofing, however. Call in a professional flat roofer or a surveyor to check and advise on this.

The method of construction for warm roofing involves the installation of a sub-deck above the roof joists which is then covered with a vapour barrier. The insulation boards are installed over the sub-deck and barrier and the waterproofing membrane over the insulation boards.

Warm roofing conforms to many modern building standards and significantly reduces condensation within the flat roof void.

How Permaroof can help with insulation for flat roofing

Permaroof UK stocks two types of insulation board for your flat roof projects. Ideal for use with our Firestone EPDM membrane, choose from Firestone insulation board (RESISTA AK) in two grades (120mm and 50mm) and enjoy the benefits of exceptional foam technology or browse our Kingspan insulation range.

Realise the benefits of insulation for flat roofing in your trade or DIY projects at Permaroof. With high quality insulation boards, fixings and adhesives in stock for fast delivery, and an expert team at the end of the phone to help you with your order, you can’t go wrong.